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Measurement of High Voltage

There are a number of different measuring transducers available in the laboratory.

Sphere Gap

For a given sphere diameter, the breakdown electric field strength of air is known. The separation of the gap is a direct indication of the peak voltage of the applied waveform eg. HVac, HVdc and impulses. The sphere gaps are accurate to within" 3%.

Capacitive Divider

The standard capacitor can be converted into a HVac divider, using low loss (high quality) capacitors. This gives an output that is independent of frequency.

Resistive Divider

Research at the University has produced a range of highly accurate voltage transducers, suitable for both HVac and HVdc measurements. These dividers are portable and can be used at a customer's network. They can be attached under live-line conditions.


HV probes with high bandwidth can be used directly with oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers and associated recording devices to provide performance estimation of a customer's appliance or HV generating device. Measurement of waveform parameters, distortion, power and energy can be undertaken.

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