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Biological Applications Laboratory

The Department's Biological Applications Laboratory contains facilities for PC-2 Biological Containment and is certified for live cell and micro-organism experiments. This is a research facility for the inter-departmental Nanostructure Engineering, Science and Technology research group, as well as the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

The equipment in the Nanofabrication Laboratory covers most aspects of cell culture, biological imaging and microfluidic device testing. The principal tools are: 

  • Class 2 Biological Laminar Flow HoodV
  • Harvard PHD2000 Syringe Pump
  • Elveflow OB1 MK3 - 4 channel flow controller
  • Elveflow MUX Quake Valve - microfluidic flow switch matrix
  • Nikon Eclipse 80i Fluorescence Microscope (B-3A, FITC, TxRed, DAPI, Special Red, RTDP, MitoXpress)
  • Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4 V2 digital imaging system
  • Nikon Eclipse TS100 F Inverted Microscope
  • Thermo Fisher Cell-Culture Incubator
  • Contherm Mitre 4000 Cell-Culture Incubator
  • Heraeus Labofuge 300
  • PreSens Microx 4 trace fiber optic oxygen sensor

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These are accessible to outside organisations on a contract or collaborative basis. For more information contact Dr Volker Nock or Prof. Maan Alkaisi.