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EV3 – Conversion of a Toyota MR2 to electric

We have purchased a Toyota MR2 for use as our next version in our electric car research program. It is our EV3. Click here for EV2. The car was purchased in Japan by Dr Simon Round and imported into New Zealand by the University of Canterbury early December 1999. Initial planning has commenced on this project by interested staff and students. It is expected to take 2 years for conversion.

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Initial Goals

  • To have the MR2 moving in a realistically short time frame by using similar technology as the EV2 even though the conversion may not be the most optimal.
  • To be a round town car so the range can be limited. Would like a range of greater than 30km.
  • Want good acceleration so it seems like a sports car.
  • Top speed greater than 120km/h.

Main Areas to investigate

  • Drive System
  • Battery
  • Auxiliary
  • Mechanical

Moving EV3 into the Machines Laboratory (Wednesday 17th January 2001)

EV3's New Motor and Inverter

EV3 Motor Specification:

Manufacturer: Solectria Motor
Model: AC 42
Peak: 70kW, 140 Nm, 250A
Max Speed: 10.0 kRPM

Inverter Rating

  • 250ARMS maximum current
  • 312V operating voltage

Switching Devices

  • Each phase has 3 paralleled 600V 150A Siemens IGBTs
  • Use a laminated copper bus-bar construction


  • Aluminum
  • 250mm x 500mm
  • Cooling by natural air flow at 50km/h